The Spoils of War

Touched by Fate, Part Two

In which elder things are disturbed

CaveFollowing the flood that washed away two armies, survivors slowly come together on higher ground, watching the waters slowly recede and wondering if the war is over.

But the four adventurers have plans of their own, making their way further up the mountains to the location sought by the mysterious robed advisor of Prince Gromel. They pass by shell-shocked survivors and follow hunting paths throughout the day. Setting up camp at night, they are attacked by a boar, but Hazenmakes short work of it.

In the morning light, the group finds its way to location mapped out by the robed man. Nearby, they find pitons along a cliff face, allowing them to climb 100 feet up to a plateau overlooking the valley. While climbing, the inexperienced climber Drususloses his pack, which scatters at the bottom of the climb and is examined and ruined by raccoons. (Botch)

Once on the plateau, they discover the body of Prince Gromel, alive but unconscious and unable to be awakened. He seems uninjured, but his armor is scorched as if by fire.

At the back of the plateau sits what appears to be a natural cave, but the rear of the cave has been broken through showing a stone passageway built into the mountain. Examining the tracks in the cave, it appears as if Gromel pursued someone into the cave and was blown back by something, while the other footprints continued further back. Fidellus identifies the script as Atlantean and provides the beginnings of a translation. He warns that the accuracy of the translation is questionable.

Bow down at the final resting place of mighty <proper name="true">
Ruler of the sky and <needs> of men,
Keeper of the five desires of kings <or>
Five <untranslatable> hide his secret and
Five lions <maybe> lay in wait.
Only the worthy may claim them.
He awaits the rebirth of the world
Far from his native land.
To disturb his rest is to risk damnation and
Death beyond death.

Slowly following the footprints in the dust through a spiral pathway leading up, the group finds a spare tomb. The footprints stop at the foot of a covered well, but there is no sign of where they went from there. In the center of a room sits a sarcophagus surrounded by five pillars—each with a glass jar containing a different substance—fire (with no observable source), sand, blood, water, and one that appears empty except for a small scroll.

By kneeling before the sarcophagus, another message can be found. It read “He guards the four wishes of men <or>, but none may claim more than one and live.”

After investigating the room and being unable to find the other intruder, the five adventurers break the glass, each discovering a small scroll inside.

Barakeam-Hazem claims the vial of sand, which falls through his fingers.
Drusus claims the vial of fire, being slightly burned in claiming it.
Fidellus claims the vial of air, smelling a whiff of sulfur.
Sorschaclaims the vial of water, which is warm to the touch.
Strigandrclaims the vial of blood, which fails to stain the floor.

Cracking open the scroll cases, the adventurers find small map in each and a tiny white insect which bites each before being crushed.

But before the adventurers can determine their next move, the robed man appears in the room and raises his hand to attack.



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