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  • Rurik

    Rurik is a mysterious eldritch figure in Zamora, a mage whose tower rose almost a century ago. He is apparently concerned about the activities of the robed figure in the Kothic retinue and sent Sorcha is as a spy.

  • Malthom

    Malthom is a favorite of King Khossus of Koraja, still unable to lead the army himself due to injuries sustained as a youth. Malthom was named to lead the army when Kothic prince Gromel attempted to invade. It is unknown if he survived the flood that …

  • Cinna

    Cinna was a Bossonian war band leader, known for his ongoing war against the Picts. He was killed in the most recent Bear Tribe uprising. He married the daughter of a poor Acquilonian noble after saving their caravan from raiders. He is the father of …

  • Akram

    Akram raised his nephew Barakeam-Hazem after the death of his sister and her husband. The leader of a nomadic band of merchants and guides, the boy's wanderlust distressed him to no end.

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